Monday, August 25, 2014


fellow blogger lost her dog recently.  The only thing more sad than losing a pet of any sort has to be the loss of a child.

Pets have such a special place in our lives - there is not much else to be said.  I will post a few photos of my dear little, but naughty, dachshunds.  Toby is now 3 and Mr. Phinn is going on 2.  As exasperating as they can be I could not live without them.

 Sleepy Phinn
 Mr. Toby

 Ready for my Close-up
Birthday Photo


  1. Oh my, they are awfully cute!! Love Toby's look in that last one. He looks pretty naughty.

  2. Your lovely dogs made me smile.We have two dachshunds in tharah xe past and they are such characters! Give your dogs an extra hug from me. Sarah x


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