Friday, October 17, 2014

So Many Things to do . . . .so Little Time

Besides being consumed by knitting
and by doggies
I have been foolish enough
to start another project.
The night sky is a total fascination so
when I saw this on offer 
from I simply could not resist.
It is meant to be a small quilt, but since 
I am not a quilter and do not want to 
become one I am just making an
embroidery and will stretch it over a frame
when completed.
This company also offers maps of various cities around the

First the doggies Toby & Phinn.

We call them the Barker Brothers 
for obvious reasons!

Monday, August 25, 2014


fellow blogger lost her dog recently.  The only thing more sad than losing a pet of any sort has to be the loss of a child.

Pets have such a special place in our lives - there is not much else to be said.  I will post a few photos of my dear little, but naughty, dachshunds.  Toby is now 3 and Mr. Phinn is going on 2.  As exasperating as they can be I could not live without them.

 Sleepy Phinn
 Mr. Toby

 Ready for my Close-up
Birthday Photo

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