Thursday, December 27, 2012

Arbutus Obsession

Sunny day at East Sooke Park
a wonderful place to walk on beaches, 
in fields and on cliff sides.
There are many many Arbutus trees.
The photos tell all.


  1. Those trees have metamorphic presence looking full of many lives.

    Who are the cute elves amongst the trees?

  2. Thank you for your comment your words meant so much to me. It is lovely seeing the beauty form where you have visited and where you live. What breed on dog is Toby?
    Sarah x

    1. I thought there Toby had to have some dachshund in him! We have had 2 dachshunds in the past and they are such characters!One was a standard long haired and the other was a miniature wire haired. I shall look forward to seeing more photos of Toby in the future.
      Sarah x

  3. So glad you have found this park! Arbutus trees are so photogenic aren't they? Glad you've got some sun for the day. That one tree looks like its about to pick Tom up!


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